Body Fat Test NW

The Science

The Right, Natural Test To Accurately Track Your Progress!

Any body composition test will generate a body fat % that is an estimate. The only way to get an exact number is to die, and then have your body boiled rendering all of your fat…we don’t recommend that option. The only way to get an accurate “apples to apples” comparison over time is to use a method that is repeatable…hydrostatic is the only one.

The different methods are;

  • Skin fold or caliper; a trained professional will use a tweezer like tool to “pinch” your skin in different areas to get thickness measurements. Hydration and skill of technician will affect results. Not repeatable
  • BIA; Body fat testing scales, hand held devices and Inbody type (hand and foot contacts) use a small electrical current sent through the body. Hydration, eating, working out or skin temperature can all affect results. Not repeatable
  • DEXA; An x-ray of your entire body designed for bone density but recently adapted  to include body comp. hydration, density of clothing, locations of fat, daily quality control adjustments. Tends to be significantly higher BF% than other modes. Radiation exposure with each test. Not repeatable
  • Hydrostatic; contracted by NASA originally to determine muscle loss in astronauts. Tester submerges completely in warm water while exhaling as much air as possible. Intestinal gas can have minor effect on result. Only method that is repeatable
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