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Our bodies are amazing machines and very complicated. As long as we have studied the human body, there is still more we don’t know than we do. There are a few things we do know and it’s important that we get the information that we may not want to know, but we clearly need to know.

Excess body fat is known to be related to many negative health issues. High blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease just to name a few, are usually preventable or reversible with accurate data points. The challenge is to find a process that provides the accurate data we need to determine where we are and where we need to be.

Hydrostatic Body Composition Testing is the most accurate and natural way to determine your body’s makeup! Our hydrostatic test calculates your lean body mass (organs, muscles, connective tissue and bones) by using an underwater scale! Our hydrostatic test can then weigh your body mass minus air to accurately calculate your body composition!

This has the benefit of being both a natural process (just add water!) and one that produces incredibly accurate results. The process is quick and easy and you get wonderful data results to accurately track your progress! You can then use the data to set your fitness goals and track further progress. Your health, your fitness program is only as good as the data you have to accurately track your performance and progress.

  • Incredible Accuracy

  • Natural Process

  • Affordable (less than $50)

  • We Come To Your Location

  • Data To Track Progress

  • Quick & Easy


Body Fat Test Mobile Van

More About Body Fat Test NW

Welcome and thank you for visiting!  We are a mobile hydrostatic body composition testing clinic committed to helping you achieve your long term health and fitness goals.  Based on scientific principles and practice, we use the most accurate method of calculating your total body fat percentage.

We have long-time Pacific Northwest roots and many wonderful relationships with local gyms, fitness centers and businesses.  

You can read more about our founder, Brian Lee below!

Body Fat Test NW Will Come To You! 

If your gym/company in using less than accurate testing is the time contact us!  You can also schedule our truck to come to your location at a scheduled time.


If your company, gym or group is planning an 8-12 week challenge and would like to incorporate our metrics, please contact us soon.


Our trucks are mobile and on the move every day. So why not make their destination your event or business?


All you need to do is get in contact with your local Operator, our next testing site could be at your front door!

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