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DEXA Bone Density

Help Accurately Determine Your Bone Density

Low bone density in found mainly in post-menopausal women with about 30% being older men. That’s what the statistics say but we have seen low bone density in women and men under 30 years old.

We use the DTX-200 DexaCare. It is a unique x-ray densitometer for the assessment of bone density in the distal part of the forearm. The forearm is an excellent site because the forearm is representative of the total body bone mass. The DTX-200 DexaCare® has won world-wide recognition for enabling fast, easy, reliable, inexpensive and cost-effective assessment as well as follow-up of bone density. Consequently, thousands of units are installed throughout the world.

One main benefit of this machine is the radiation exposure is about 1/100 of that from a full body DEXA scan.


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