Body Fat Test NW

Meet Brian

Brian Lee

Body Fat Test Northwest was started in 2003 and purchased by Brian Lee in 2007.

Brian has been a certified personal trainer since 1995 and when he saw this business, he saw a huge opportunity to help thousands of people. Since his start, he has conducted well over 30k tests.

Brian has a long history of athletics. He got a weight set for Christmas as a 12 year old and his love of sports blossomed from there. Years of softball, baseball, football, basketball, skiing, track and wrestling filled many years of his athletics. As an adult he also coached youth basketball and baseball all the way to the high school level.

Upon purchasing BFTNW, he developed a hunger for more knowledge to help his clients. In addition to consuming dozens of health related scientific papers, Brian obtained certification as an Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor from The Health Sciences Academy of London.